Meet Peter

Peter Piselli

Renovations Division Manager

It was only a matter time. Installations Plus, Inc. has been helping homeowners improve their houses for so many years that it was inevitable that we would enter the home renovation game.  And that's when Peter came on board; he's our home renovation visionary.

Our craftsman and staff at Installations Plus, Inc. have so much experience and understanding of home installations, and Peter's knack for clear vision of a project from start to finish helps us bring that exciting new level of service to our clientele. Peter's love of working with people makes him a huge asset for helping people change the look and feel of their homes, and that love of teamwork has helped him make lots of friends over the years with subcontractors and fellow employees. For him, the work of remodeling allows him to enjoy the company of coworkers and really makes his job feel like a second family!

And when it comes to the work, well, Peter will admit he is a tiny bit geeky about the ins and outs of construction and remodeling; he really enjoys getting into all the details!  He is truly passionate about the process.  Which is understandable considering he is helping customers create their dream home.

Peter's love of remodeling is more than a job to him – it's even a form of enjoyment!  Which is why he's often invested in projects around his own house whenever he can.  He is truly a lover of all things "home," which is why he enjoys making homes feel more familiar, whether making a remodeling improvement, or cooking and sharing meals with family and friends.