Meet Francesca

Francesca Callanan

Our Administrative Assistant, and Chief Organizer Of Chaos!

Some people are just naturals at reducing chaos and keeping operations streamlined. That's why we're so lucky to have Francesca on our team.  We sometimes wonder if her middle name is "list-making."

For years Francesca was the manager of one of the hardest organizations there is: raising a family!  Soon it became clear that Francesca had evolved far beyond managing a busy household, and came on board at Installations Plus, Inc. to expand her already impressive skill set as our resident administrative guru.

Francesca is all about growth and change in her work, which is why she was such a great addition to our ever-growing company.  Her passion for "measuring twice," learning the intricacies of a process and (of course) spreadsheets has been integral in our company's recent growth as a leader in New England.

Francesca is still passionately in love with being a mom, though, and when she's not maintaining the order in our busy office she's probably spending time with her very best friends, her husband and kids.  

And what else does Francesca do to unwind?  Believe it or not, she finds making lists and organizing tranquil, and so not only is organizing her skill set, it is also a bit of a hobby at home too.