Meet Derek

Derek Dube

He's our project manager and on-site problem solver.

When great minds get together, incredible things occur.  Which is how Derek joined the Installations Plus, Inc. team.  As a previous owner of a finish carpentry and building business, he has a complete understanding of the field.  Sharing a passion for excellent craftsmanship is what brought Derek onto our team. 

Derek loves the challenge of solving a problem.  When someone else thinks something can't be accomplished, Derek creates a solution that is both competent and clever.  His 15+ years in the finish carpentry world gives him great insight into structure and assembly, which makes him an invaluable asset on jobs.

Derek is driven by accomplishment, which is why he often takes on friends and family projects in his spare time.  Of course he also loves spending time with his wife and best friends – and his beloved dog!  He has a boat which is one of his favorite chill-out escapes, and is also fascinated with continuing his education in carpentry and building.