Meet Debbie

Debbie Neri

Our Estimator and our Eye For Style and Design.

Imagine getting a chance to look at beautiful things all day.  That is one of the perks of working for a tile installation leader, which is why our Estimator Debbie feels right at home.  She is lucky enough to get to review jobs done by Installations Plus, Inc. allowing her flair for design appreciation to come to life every day, in every job we do!

In fact, it's working with the Installations Plus, Inc. team that Debbie loves most. Her enthusiasm for visual beauty is only matched by her enthusiasm for the people she works with, who make coming in to work a joy for her every day.  

Debbie is just as invested in her life away from work, where she lives a philosophy of enjoying every moment with a sense of enthusiasm and personal investment. Whether cheering on her kids in sports, having a great meal on a Friday night out, or getting together with the gang to watch the Patriots, Debbie is passionate in all she does.  From snowshoeing in winter to lounging on the beach in summer; from painting to redecorating; Debbie lives a life of style and aesthetics – which she gladly brings to the Installations Plus team!