Meet Bill

Bill Daniels

Our estimator in the field, project manager, and encyclopedia of tile expertise.

Bill Daniels has been part of the Installations Plus, Inc. team for over 26 years.  Bill began working alongside our founder, Jon, as an installer and as the business grew soon moved into a supervisory role, becoming one of our essential experts in the field of tile installation.

Bill's passion for his job comes from his enjoyment of discussing options with excited clients.  Customers appreciate Bill's extensive knowledge about tile installations. Bill is always excited to provide a solution for an installation with a client, and it's this enthusiasm that has helped Installations Plus, Inc. grow its excellent track record of solid work.

Bill's enthusiasm for his job is not just because he loves his work; it is in his very personality to love life.  Which is why he enjoys all kinds of activities, from family game nights with his wife and daughters to learning how to play the drums on his own. From boating and fishing to golfing and relaxing, Bill enjoys investing in whatever life has in store next.

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