2018 Spring/Summer Newsletter

Check out our most recent newsletter for more details on our trip to Spain as well as some information on our expanding office staff...

2018 Spring/Summer Newsletter

We have some new and exciting news over at Installations Plus Inc, and we would love to share it with you! Please continue below to read about our recent travels and new endeavors!

Our trip to Spain

Earlier this year, Installations Plus completed a beautiful 6,000 square foot installation job, using Cosentino’s high end floor tiles shown here.

As a thank you, Cosentino generously invited us over to Spain for a visit and tour. We had such a wonderful time touring their gorgeous facility and exploring their vast quarry. It was quite interesting to see where exactly their products come from and all the challenging work that goes into the process of creating the tile. This is certainly a trip that we will never forget… Thank you Cosentino!

Meet Gerald!

We are excited to announce that Gerald LeBranti has come on board to expand our commercial division. Gerald joins us with an extensive history in contracting. He is working hard to help us develop our commercial division which covers soft goods like carpet, carpet tile, LVT, VCT, rubber flooring and other floating floors.

The Ladies Behind the Scenes

We have made some changes within our office staff and we would love to share the changes with you! Getting to know each of our employees and their roles will help you when calling into the office or emailing our staff. So, without further ado, let’s get to know the ladies of Installations Plus….

Sarah Sinko

Operations Management

Contract Jobs

Tile Orders

Three cheers for Sarah Sinko…. Sarah is our Queen Bee! Without her, we would surely crumble. Sarah manages the office and oversees just about everything that comes in and out of Installations Plus. She is the second set of eyes that catches mistakes and prepares everything before sending. She graces us with her presence Monday through Friday from 6:30am-3:30… but she usually stays later. Please contact Sarah for anything related to contracts, tile orders, installer assignment, exercise or donuts 😊

Debbie Neri

Estimates based on plans


Say Hello to Debbie Neri… Master of take offs and cute outfits! Debbie handles ALL the take offs which is a job fit for three people, not one, but don’t worry… she can handle it and look good while doing so! Bids are coming in like hotcakes and she is dominating each and every one herself. Debbie is super woman who is always smiling and holding down the fort Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm. Please contact Deb with plans, bids, revisions to plans and clothing tips 😊

Roberta White



Change Orders

Introducing Roberta White… Bookkeeping and green thumb extraordinaire! Roberta is in charge of everything money related, from invoicing to collections, she makes it all happen… all while improving the office with flourishing plant life and an endless supply of gum. She is busy getting the job done Mondays and Wednesday through Fridays from 7am to 5pm. Please contact Roberta for all billing, change orders, money related matters and of course any questions you have on how to keep your plants alive 😊

Francesca Callanan

Scheduling Installs

Scheduling Returns

Oh hey, it’s Francesca Callanan… Our scheduling and organization guru! She handles all the calls and emails regarding the install calendar. Francesca is tech savvy, extremely detail orientated and is known to write lists while eating S cookies for breakfast. She is so on point that she could coordinate the schedule with her eyes closed while here on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays 7:30am to 3:30pm. Please contact Francesca for scheduling matters or list making guidance 😊

Meaghan Kabaso

Insurance Certificates

Scheduling Field Measures

Estimate Follow Ups

Welcome Meaghan Kabaso… our friendly new comer! Meaghan answers all our incoming calls with her pleasant voice and go getter attitude. She schedules field measures, handles follow ups and insurance matters. She has a passion for learning new things and will be soon tackling more and more tasks here at the office. Meaghan already loves it here so much that she is here every day, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5:30pm. Please contact Meaghan for Insurance certificates, field measure scheduling and follow ups 😊

Maegan Coffin


Social Media

Knock, knock….who’s there… it’s Maegan (Mae) Coffin… the estimate writing-office weirdo! Maegan writes up all the estimates based off of field measures and is going to be taking over our social media accounts. She works from home often to keep up with the estimate overhaul. When in the office, on Wednesdays & Thursdays 8am to 4pm, Maegan can be seen perched up on her feet, estimate writing and snacking all day long. Please contact Maegan for questions on estimates, recycling or just for fun 😊

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