First Newsletter of 2018

Installations Plus, Inc.

January-March 2018 Newsletter


 The Advantages of Leveling Systems



One of the most important aspects of any tiling job is ensuring that the result is a flat lippage free finish. Tile unevenness is called “lippage,” and avoiding it is one of the most critical pieces of a tile installation. Eliminating lippage creates an aesthetically pleasing look and reduces both the risk of damage to the edges of the tiles and the risk of anyone tripping on an uneven surface.

One of the best tools an installer has in avoiding lippage is a professional tile leveling system. Used after the surface is prepped and flattened, the leveling system consists of both clips that are placed between each tile and a wedge that interlocks the tiles at the same height. These prevent any movement during the setting process. The clips are made for every different size and thickness of tile. Tile leveling allows installers to work more quickly without sacrificing any quality while achieving the perfect lippage free finish.

Settling In: Build-out in Progress

Before and After photos

We are enjoying our new location in Westborough.

The plan is to use current open space in the warehouise to create project manager offices and kitchen/community area where employees can prepare and enjoy their lunch or for inviting clients for informal meetings.

Lots completed but lots more to do...we will keep you posted on progress!




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Welcome 2018!

2018 begins our 35th year of business! Thank you to all of our loyal customers who have been with us through the years.

Q1 Employee Work Anniversaries

Maegan: 1 year
Roberta: 5 years

Bill:         27 years  

Steve:      2 years  
Sarah:    14 years -A little late as this occurred in December 2017

Q1 Fun Fact

The exterior of the world-famous Sydney Opera House is made of tiles. In fact, the same type of tile is for sale at most tile suppliers.


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