Spring 2017 Newsletter

2017 Spring/Summer Newsletter

Introducing DTILE

Ever need to tile a uniquely shaped surface? Construction tiles by DTILE are rounded or curved tiles that allow any surface or object to be fully and seamlessly tiled. Covering the entire surface with an unbroken grid, DTILE is ideal for indoor or outdoor tiling jobs that can’t be covered by standard, flat tiles.

Employee Spotlight:

Welcome Maegan!

Maegan comes to us with 7 years of administrative experience. A busy mom of two boys, she loves being creative and active with her family. In her spare time, Maegan loves to write and illustrate children’s books, be on or in the water, and is currently training for a spring triathlon and half marathon! Go Maegan!


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Employee Spotlight
IP on the Move
Turning the Old into New
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Installations Plus is on the move!

We've outgrown our space in Holliston. Our future home will be in Westborough. Look for our updated contact info coming your way in June.


Turning the old into new


Our latest project is located in the South End of Boston. Trinity Catholic Church is being converted into a unique eight story residential development while maintaining the integrity of the original 1874 design.




Local Phone: (508) 872-TILE


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